Friday, December 18, 2009

So far so good

I have only known I am pregnant for less than a week now. The day before I took a pregnancy test I felt a cramp in my stomach in one specific spot in my lower abdomen (can we say "implantation"?) and then some general cramping that was lighter and radiated across my lower abdomen. I took the test the next morning and it was positive (day 26 of cycle). Yay! That day the cramping continued to radiate across my lower abdomen and then some light (very light) spotting happened a few times during that day. After that, the cramping subsided and no more spotting, thank goodness. I was happy I wasn't seeing bright red after the positive test!
On day 28 of my cycle I decided to take the other preg test I had left, just to see it turn positive! haha... It just seems like a dream when you first see that positive and its nice to see your dreams are confirmed to be fact. The test turned positive within a millisecond LOL... definitely pregnant!
A couple days later I had some nausea and dizziness when I worked out. So I ended up doing a grocery trip for some preggie friendly foods (as well as nutritional) and added the Saltines and Ginger Ale in there too! The next day I worked out I felt fine, no dizziness and actually felt energized.

Hoping to stay focused and fit and healthy throughout pregnancy #2 and praying this one is a keeper! Which... I have a feeling it is. All symptoms so far are 100% normal and I am not too worried about a miscarriage at this time. Praying for baby #2 and thanking the Lord for His blessing, what a GREAT Christmas gift!

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