Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More Job Drama

Since my last post I got a part time job at Home Depot.  So I have been a little too busy to write.  JD is still looking for a job, any job, any where in the USA.  Yes, he is still looking for a flying job, but we aren't ruling out jobs outside his profession.  Unfortunately no one wants to hire a pilot to bag groceries or do data entry.  On the bright side I have a job.

I use to work at Home Depot, so I am just going back to what I did before.  I am going to be going full time soon.  I started 3 months ago thinking that part time would be all I want to do or all I would be able to do.  But since JD is still out of a job I think going full time would be good for us.  I enjoy working again, but I don't enjoy being away from my family.  And the extra time off that I have from work I have a lot to do, so even my time off I don't see my family that much.

Right now I am working on a mural at my church for the preschool room.  When I have a day off I go work out at my boot camp and then I go to the church and paint until dinner.  JD and the kids come bring me lunch and hang out for a couple hours until nap time.  Sometimes I go paint after lunch, but then I lose some valuable time that I need to put in on the mural.

JD does have a prospect for a job, he is on the top of the list.  But if he gets the job we will be moving out of state.  That will be interesting.  We shall see what happens.  I am not sure I am ready to leave the cushy lifestyle of Orange County California.  I must admit I am spoiled living here.  I have my boot camp, my half marathons (I finished my first half marathon May 6th and I want to do more).  I have my family, friends, church, and my job.  Not to mention all the restaurants and things around here to do... including the beach and the mountains only a short distance away.  Not to mention good weather 345 days out of the year, pretty much.

But, as I said, we shall see... you never know what God has up his sleave.

Monday, February 27, 2012

New Job

JD didn't end up putting out the money for training.  We both ended up feeling uncomfortable with going into debt for a job that we weren't even sure he would get much flying out of.  The work could be good or it could be sparse.  Not knowing for sure made it hard to commit to our previous decsion to do the training.

JD now has a job offer for a charter company.  He is going to do an interview with them and go from there.  The biggest down side is that there are no health benefits and I need the coverage.  So I will be applying for a part time job that has benefits.  I would rather not work, but if I have to work I would rather it be part time than full.  With this new job JD would be making enough that I only need to work part time, praise God.

So here we are on the cusp of another chapter in our life and careers.  I will update you again once things are finalized.  I am just happy he finally has a job offer that is in the states and pays well enough.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello Again

I don't know if anyone will start reading my blog again, but I figured I would try to update everyone and keep posting at least once a month.

My husband is about to go to training and pay thousands of dollars out his own pocket to get current on his certificates for certain planes.  He is doing this in hopes that a company he applied to work for can use him for flights.  This company gets calls from people with private planes than need a pilot to fly for them for a few days, or whatever the need is, and then the company calls pilots from a database they have.  JD would be in their database and would hopefully get enough calls to merit paying for his own training.  We are putting his training on a 0% interest credit card and we are hoping he gets to fly 12 to 15 days a month.  Then he will be able to support our household and make monthly payments towards the training bill.

I didn't end up going to work part time after all.  JD didn't want me to start doing that until we absolutely needed me to.  For the past few months we have been living off his end of service pay.  As of February that runs out, however, so hopefully this new gig will pan out for us.  Or he will have to go with plan B and call a friend of the family that owns a car dealership and see if he can work for him.  That would be quite a change!

Its been nice having JD home full time for the past few months.  I am not looking forward to having to go days without him.  I wish he could find a job that brings him home every night for dinner and to put the kids to bed.  He has been cooking dinner for us all every night, he says he enjoys doing that.  So now I've been spoiled and don't look forward to handling that on my own.  I don't cook hot meals for myself when he is gone.  The kids don't eat what we eat, they eat chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese... so I usually make a salad or a sandwich or a frozen lean cuisine dinner for myself.  Not exactly exciting stuff.

Oh well, I guess my perfect life bubble is about to end soon.  I am not happy about it.  But that is life.  Someone has to work to have a house and feed the family.  And someone needs to watch the kids and take care of them.  Just have to suck it up and dig in my heals.  I've done it before... for 35 days at a time, I can do it again.  Hopefully this time it will only be a couple days or a week or two max at a time.