Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More Job Drama

Since my last post I got a part time job at Home Depot.  So I have been a little too busy to write.  JD is still looking for a job, any job, any where in the USA.  Yes, he is still looking for a flying job, but we aren't ruling out jobs outside his profession.  Unfortunately no one wants to hire a pilot to bag groceries or do data entry.  On the bright side I have a job.

I use to work at Home Depot, so I am just going back to what I did before.  I am going to be going full time soon.  I started 3 months ago thinking that part time would be all I want to do or all I would be able to do.  But since JD is still out of a job I think going full time would be good for us.  I enjoy working again, but I don't enjoy being away from my family.  And the extra time off that I have from work I have a lot to do, so even my time off I don't see my family that much.

Right now I am working on a mural at my church for the preschool room.  When I have a day off I go work out at my boot camp and then I go to the church and paint until dinner.  JD and the kids come bring me lunch and hang out for a couple hours until nap time.  Sometimes I go paint after lunch, but then I lose some valuable time that I need to put in on the mural.

JD does have a prospect for a job, he is on the top of the list.  But if he gets the job we will be moving out of state.  That will be interesting.  We shall see what happens.  I am not sure I am ready to leave the cushy lifestyle of Orange County California.  I must admit I am spoiled living here.  I have my boot camp, my half marathons (I finished my first half marathon May 6th and I want to do more).  I have my family, friends, church, and my job.  Not to mention all the restaurants and things around here to do... including the beach and the mountains only a short distance away.  Not to mention good weather 345 days out of the year, pretty much.

But, as I said, we shall see... you never know what God has up his sleave.

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