Friday, September 26, 2008


I am exhausted... without JD around to help with the baby she is in tow with me for all my errands. And today I had a lot! I got so peeved when I realized I had to go get the car filled with gas (because I am going to the cabin with my gal pals) and it was already approaching KD's sleep time, and when I got to the pump and swiped my credit card it wouldn't read it. So I had to un-buckle the baby and get her out of her car seat, go inside with the card, go back to the pump and try not to get her near the nozzle (I didn't see the point of putting her back in the seat when I had to go back in the retrieve my card), then go back in and sign the receipt and buckle up the baby again... (I had already dragged her in and out of the car seat a few times by this point and was getting tired of all the in and out and juggling her along with bags and boxes etc.), I was just so tired at this point in the day. I was and am still going on 4 hours of sleep and didn't get a chance to take a nap.

Today I had to make sure the house was ready to be left for a week and that the person coming to take care of my dog had clear instructions on where things were and what I needed her to do... and I had to make an exchange to get KD the right age medicine (because she is teething, and I didn't want to run out of Tylenol while at the cabin if she got cranky and I had grabbed the stuff for toddlers, not babies), drop some things off at various locations and then at home make sure I had everything packed that I needed. I also did these errands in shifts around her nap times. And after my final errands, by the time I got the baby home she was not ready to go to bed yet, I had to bathe her still (she was filthy... food in the hair, black soles from dirty floors, etc.) and then get her all wound down and give her a bottle and try to get her to go to sleep. She went down around an hour after her normal time, that just pushed all my double checking and organizing duties to later in the evening and no relaxing time for me. And I was looking forward to sitting down for a while. Well... its getting late and I need to get ready for bed.

At least I have a wonderful week to look forward to with my friends. That will be a nice little vacation, and time away from the regular going-ons of life.

Oh... and did I mention, I found huge cockroach running across my kitchen counters at 3am when I went to make my crying baby a bottle! Yuck! I had to smash it with a nearby shoe and almost hurled... ewwwwwe!!! Now that's when you really miss your husband, for bug smashing and getting cockroach hotels for them to eat and die and go away.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Husband gone

So the husband just left, and I feel bad for him (because he kept on saying, "I don't want to go, I don't want to go...") but this time I am glad he left. I had plans for this weekend to leave for a stay at a cabin with some friends for over a week, and I didn't want to cancel them. Makes me feel bad for actually wanting him to leave, but "oh well!" I love him, but I need my girl time too. I am actually very excited to be going, I am all packed and ready.

Ah... the baby has awakened. More on my mixed feelings of happiness and sadness later.

"Husband gone continued"... 9:28pm

Okay, so as I was saying... I am going to miss my husband and I feel bad that he has a few long layovers that he hates and that he is going to be smushed in an over-crowded plane and that he for some reason can't sleep when he is on a plane and... you get the picture. He was hoping that he would be flying back to work in a new plane for their fleet (flying it himself), and that he was going to be home an extra week, or at least a few extra days. He was mostly hoping for this because he was taken away for an extra 8 days for training during his time home (they take training out of his home time and not out of his work time for some reason). And I agreed that it would be wonderful for him to have that extra week home and to be able to fly their new plane back, instead of being smushed in coach unable to sleep... but like I was saying... I had a week all planned out to go to the cabin with my nearest and dearest girlfriends two days after his regular scheduled day to go back to work!

So I felt for him, but I was a bit torn because I was looking at the possibility of canceling on my friends to be with him, but now I am SO HAPPY he is gone! The plane wasn't ready when they thought it would be and now my previously stressed out friends, that thought I was going to drive them to the cabin and be hanging out with them with NO BOYS allowed, are EXCITED that I am joining them again. Yippee!!!! I really hated jerking them around with all the drama... "he may be home for an additional week... now it may be just a few days longer at home... ok now he is leaving when we thought he would be and I am coming." But welcome to the world of a pilot's wife! Where all your best laid plans go to hell and you are left with a pile of disappointment... or you are ecstatically happy that everything actually worked out as you had hoped! Yep, that's the pilot's wife's life. Aren't you jealous? And you thought it was all... free tickets, and Hawaiian vacations, and loads of money... didn't you? NOT! Beware, if you are dating or planning on marrying a pilot, you need to be prepared to be jerked around a lot. It just happens in this particular case I am actually happy he is leaving me and not staying home for an extra un-planned week. I would be totally bummed right now if I didn't have those plans, I am almost sure of it ;-)

My First Rambling...

I tend to ramble on and on when I write... so I thought the title of my Blog should have the word "rambling" in it somewhere. I am a pilot's wife (so that was an obvious addition to the title), I am a mother of an 11 months old girl (currently), and I have a BA degree in Interior Design but at the moment I am a stay-at-home-Mom.

My husband wishes me to not put any super specific information about him, his, job or about our family because he doesn't know who is going to see and read my blog. So forgive me for not posting pictures or anything else super specific. I think I will refer to myself as AD, my husband as JD, and my daughter as KD... its our initials (duh!) and I think that is safe enough. I will say I live in Southern California, that is probably helpful to know but no one can "stalk" me using that information. I guess anything else pertinent to know I will add as we go along.

My husband is a pilot for a charter company, not an airline, and he is gone for 35 days at a time, and home for 31 days. But I cannot divulge his specific whereabouts or the company he works for, so don't ask ;-) He does make enough money with his current job for me to stay home with the baby, who is becoming less of a baby every day. I have no inkling of desire to work at the moment, so I am happy to be home with the baby and raise her. I am glad that I don't have that desire, like some other women have, so I can be happy at home. Don't get me wrong, when I worked I loved it, and I was looking forward to doing more with my BA degree in Interior Design and furthering that career. But once the baby came and JD got his job offer that allowed me to quit my job I jumped on the chance! And for now I am going to be a mom and just focus on that. The rest will come in due time, and I am sure I will be sucessful in the future as an Interior Designer when my children (this includes the future child I am hoping to have in a couple years) start going to school. I do have my business cards out there still, and occasionally get a call for a quote or a question on pricing for someone's friend, mother, or client. But I am not advertising my Interior Design business at this time.

Well, I think that is good enough rambling for now. Thanks for reading my blog!