Thursday, September 25, 2008

Husband gone

So the husband just left, and I feel bad for him (because he kept on saying, "I don't want to go, I don't want to go...") but this time I am glad he left. I had plans for this weekend to leave for a stay at a cabin with some friends for over a week, and I didn't want to cancel them. Makes me feel bad for actually wanting him to leave, but "oh well!" I love him, but I need my girl time too. I am actually very excited to be going, I am all packed and ready.

Ah... the baby has awakened. More on my mixed feelings of happiness and sadness later.

"Husband gone continued"... 9:28pm

Okay, so as I was saying... I am going to miss my husband and I feel bad that he has a few long layovers that he hates and that he is going to be smushed in an over-crowded plane and that he for some reason can't sleep when he is on a plane and... you get the picture. He was hoping that he would be flying back to work in a new plane for their fleet (flying it himself), and that he was going to be home an extra week, or at least a few extra days. He was mostly hoping for this because he was taken away for an extra 8 days for training during his time home (they take training out of his home time and not out of his work time for some reason). And I agreed that it would be wonderful for him to have that extra week home and to be able to fly their new plane back, instead of being smushed in coach unable to sleep... but like I was saying... I had a week all planned out to go to the cabin with my nearest and dearest girlfriends two days after his regular scheduled day to go back to work!

So I felt for him, but I was a bit torn because I was looking at the possibility of canceling on my friends to be with him, but now I am SO HAPPY he is gone! The plane wasn't ready when they thought it would be and now my previously stressed out friends, that thought I was going to drive them to the cabin and be hanging out with them with NO BOYS allowed, are EXCITED that I am joining them again. Yippee!!!! I really hated jerking them around with all the drama... "he may be home for an additional week... now it may be just a few days longer at home... ok now he is leaving when we thought he would be and I am coming." But welcome to the world of a pilot's wife! Where all your best laid plans go to hell and you are left with a pile of disappointment... or you are ecstatically happy that everything actually worked out as you had hoped! Yep, that's the pilot's wife's life. Aren't you jealous? And you thought it was all... free tickets, and Hawaiian vacations, and loads of money... didn't you? NOT! Beware, if you are dating or planning on marrying a pilot, you need to be prepared to be jerked around a lot. It just happens in this particular case I am actually happy he is leaving me and not staying home for an extra un-planned week. I would be totally bummed right now if I didn't have those plans, I am almost sure of it ;-)

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