Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hate the Wait

I hate these last few days where I am waiting for my period. I could take a pregnancy test but the accuracy is diminished the further away from your period start day is and since my start day has a four day swing to it it's not worth doing that and wasting money every month. So I am trying to be patient and let "mother nature" let me know if its time to take a test or not.

Tomorrow is day 25, and when my period usually shows up... except for every 6 months or so. And I am PRAYING that it doesn't show up tomorrow. (Please God!!!) So far I have had some PMS type moodiness, but no cramps or spotting, so that is good. Sunday is day 28 so that means Monday, the latest, it should start if I am not pregnant. But if JD leaves that day I may take a pregnancy test in the morning (especially if I still have no cramps or spotting before that day). That way if I AM preggers I can let him know in person and not via Skype or e-mail or Instant Message... LOL.

There is a chance JD may get a few extra days home (something about where the plane is and crew positioning etc), and if that happens then I will wait Monday out to see if the big P comes and then take a test Tuesday morning, if it hasn't already started. Of course that would be what I would pray happens! I would rather not "waste" a test when I could wait one more day to be sure its worth taking it. (I used one of two out of the box last time, so I only have one test on hand to take.) And I would rather know that we tried during a regular length, 28 day, cycle. Especially since he will be gone the next cycle, and if this time isn't the 28 day cycle then the next one probably will be and I will be bummed that he wasn't home to try during a 28 day cycle.

I am SO repeating myself, I am so sorry if anyone is reading this blog and thinking "Quit your whining!" I feel like telling myself that, "Just shut-up already!" But typing my thoughts out helps a lot, even if its a bit repetitive. I only have one more night to go and all day tomorrow to wait to know for sure I at least I am not on a short 24 day cycle (my norm). I am crossing my fingers and praying every moment that I will make it through Sunday without a period. Then I just have to wait out Monday, or even give myself permission to cave in Monday morning and just take that darn test already! Good grief, at least then I can turn off this repetitive thought process about cycle lengths, and trying during a 28 day cycle... yadda yadda. I can't wait until Monday is over and all this wondering comes to an end. And on the other hand hoping that I do have to wait until Monday for my period to come, I am going to be really sad if it starts before then.

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