Monday, November 16, 2009

Weight loss

I actually saw the scale go below 150 lbs last week. Wednesday I saw 149. Thursday and Friday I saw 148! Today the scale said 150.5 lbs, but last Monday it was 152... so even though Mondays seems to be the highest weight of the week I can see a 1.5 lb weight loss has happened since last week. That makes me happy. I want to get to 145 lbs in the next couple weeks. Then I will have another chance to try to get pregnant, since the hubs got home this past Thursday.

If I end up pregnant I will at least be at a weight that has eluded me for years now. I started out at 183 lbs when my daughter was born (October 2007), and by November 2008 I was 172 lbs and ready to get things moving after maintaing that weight for 6 months. I never thought I would see the number 145 on my scale again (what I weighed when I got married over 7 years ago). I was going to be happy with 154, but the next 4 lbs came off pretty easily, and that motivated me to go for 5 more. I am doing two workouts a day to help blast that last 5 off. And so far so good. The even better news is that my husband made a bet with a co-worker that he could lose more weight by the end of January and they are now competing. Guys are funny, they compete... women get "diet buddies" or "workout buddies" and encourage. Oh well, what ever works and motivates you. Today was my husband's first day of working out again and I took his measurements and did his weigh in. He has 56 lbs to lose, but men lose weight faster than women, so he should do pretty well if he just starts to move.

If I don't get pregnant I may shoot for 140 lbs next, being 5'-6.5" tall that isn't too much. I have been 135 before and was pretty smokin' hot and had the flattest stomach! That was in college. In High School I weighed 125, but had no bodily fat on me, was on the swim team, water polo team, and that wasn't my best look. I had a flat chest and my hip bones stuck way out, boys made fun of me. But I was naturally thin until I hit college, all of a sudden the boys were hitting on me and asking me out and I was all confused about it. Then one day a guy, who was amazingly cute and all the girls were swooning over, was giving me attention and I was like "What is the deal?" and he said, "You are a woman now" and he motioned in the air an hourglass figure. Hahaha... I was so flattered, and shocked. But he was right, I got my boobs (a day I had looked forward to all my adolescent life) and I had gained some womanly fat over my bony hips and got a little junk in my trunk... LOL Men like that, not the bony look. Well... most men like that. So I was able to embrace my curvy-ness and now I don't really want to be below 140 unless my tummy is still flabby at that weight and then I will keep doing my abs and cardio until I see that happen. At least its a goal to work to attain while I wait to get pregnant again.

If this isn't my month to get pregnant our next chance, when JD is home again and I am ovulating, will not be until early February. So, I will have a chance to work on that final 140 lb goal. But I would be more than happy to be 145 or 148 pounds and pregnant! Don't get me wrong. I know being fit and having strong abs will only help me during my pregnancy, so that is why I keep working on that goal, even though I may end up with a baby in my belly soon. I am excited I will finally be able to be fit AND pregnant. When I got pregnant with KD I wasn't fit, I was 160 lbs and was working full-time and going to school full-time, so I had no time to spend on working out. I love being able to excercise again! Its something that I intend to keep up during my pregnancy so I won't have to work this hard again to lose the weight after the second baby and then I plan to maintain my figure the rest of my life. Hopefully JD will get back to his previous sexier weight. I mean, I still think he is cute, but I miss the "hot" man I met 11 years ago. And it would help him as a father to be able to keep up with his kids as they get older and more active too.


elsja said...

So awesome! Keep up the good work. It's amazing how a little weight loss can keep you so motivated to keep going!! :)

Rambling Pilot's wife said...

Thanks Elsja!

So true, seeing the scale move is a great motivator. But its good to remember that exercising and eating right is the most important thing. But I am so excited to think I may actually be 145 lbs again... very soon!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I wish I could lose what I have gained this year! Finding it harder than ever before to shift it!