Thursday, November 12, 2009


My husband was due to be home Friday evening, he sent me his flight itinerary and everything. I had to go to Bible Study at church tonight and my husband told me I may not be able to get ahold of him by phone, he said his phone was dropping signal or something like that, and he would call me after I got home from Bible Study Thursday night. I was like... sure, okay, not a big deal.

I went to Bible Study, brought KD and put her in the room with the other kids and the babysitter, everyone asked about JD and when he was coming home, then... just as we got started into our study, all of a sudden there is my husband, in his pilot's uniform, standing in the open doorway! My heart lept out of my chest and I couldn't believe my eyes! I got up and went over to him to give him a hug and a kiss. My face, I am sure, was bright pink and I felt like I was having a hot flash! One of the ladies in the room was like, awwwwe... and had teary eyes. And JD said he got picked up by his Dad and was dropped off at the church and that he had tricked me. I looked at him all shocked and gave him a mock punch in the arm and said, "You jerk!" But I was smiling, and I told everyone that I actually love surprises (I mean LOOOOOOVE surprises). But it is JD's birthday tomorrow, I should be the one surprising him! haha

Needless to say, it was a bit difficult to get back on track and into the study. But I was able to in the end. And then after the study was over we went to the room to pick up KD and I was running in front of JD to get there first so I could see her reaction to him. When she saw me she smiled and stood up from her playing, then she saw her Daddy walk in and she stood there, as if in shock. Her face was priceless. Then she sat down and started playing with another toy... LOL Kids, who knows what that was about. She acted very nonchalant about the whole thing. But I am sure she felt mainly shock and disbelief.

When we got home KD had a few snacks before bed and got to sit on her Daddy's lap and talk to him and show him just how more verbal she has gotten since he left, almost seven weeks ago. Luckily it was time for her to go to bed soon, he was tired and we both were... ahem, "missing" each other. (Blush) By the time JD fell asleep it was two hours before my bedtime, so I was watching TV in bed while he slept... and then the snoring started. Nice. Ah, the joys of having your husband home again. Lucky for me I had bought a new batch of ear plugs today when at Wal-Mart, so I am prepared. And right now I am watching my recorded shows and blogging in the living room. Everything is back to normal :-)

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