Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The excercise continues

I weighed in on Monday and lost maybe... at most... 1/2 a lb. Sunday showed no change on the scale but Monday morning it showed a 1/2 lb difference compared to the previous week. So, we will see what happens next week. But the exciting thing is when I measured my belly area (where I want to lose the extra flab) I lost 1 1/2" from that area! So that is fabulous!! I really am trying to keep my focus on the inches, even though I would love to finally break the 150 lb barrier, which is what I supposedly weigh at the moment... or maybe 150.5 lbs.

So the excercise continues! I did weights with some cardio involved 5 days a week and cardio with some weights involved 5 days a week (for my 2 workouts a day). Since my muscles were constantly sore every day last week and Monday were practically crying at me for all the abuse (and therefore I didn't do the weights that day, just the cardio) I have decided to just keep up the weights 3 workouts per week and the 7 other workouts focus on cardio. This should be a successful plan. I don't want to lose the muscle tone I already have, but I want to blast off the last layer of fat on my tummy. And we all know (or should) that the only way to get rid of that is not doing a bunch of crunches and lifting weights, but by doing your cardio and eating a low fat/ low calorie/ healthy diet. BUT I also know that the muscle is important in maintaining my metabolism, muscle burns more fat! So its a balancing act.

My husband should be home soon, this Friday. So that makes me happy. I can't wait to see him again! By the time he is home it will almost be 7 full weeks since he left. I am use to 35 days of him being gone. So its been rough for me. And KD has been hurting herself in random ways lately too. The other day she walked right into the corner of a bar ledge at her grandparent's house, and then while she was throwing tantrums throughout the house the other day (after being told "no" a couple times) she got some sort of rug burn on her forehead (hahah... have to laugh, its just ridiculous), and then today to top it off she fell off a chair as she lurched forward to get off and smacked her face on the cement and cut her lip open on her teeth... so she has a black eye from the ledge, a red mark from her tantrums, and a fat lip from the fall today. Such a pretty picture. And I did take a picture to show her Daddy just how crazy big that fat lip was today! She handles all the bumps like a pro. She shakes it off pretty easily. But she does also milk it for sympathy and wants to be cuddled and pampered. But that is okay with me, she isn't that cuddly that often since she became a busy toddler. :-) I just want her to stop injuring herself... at least until her Daddy comes home, then he can deal with it. Hahah

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