Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why is it...?

Why does it seem that every time my husband leaves for a month my baby girl gets sick? And most of the time I am sick also, so I am stuck trying to get rest whenever possible and not having any energy to keep up with her during the day? (Because despite being sick she never seems to skip a beat. She always has the energy to run around and play.)

Isn't that just always the way it goes? At least this time my cold ended after a few days. But she ended up having Bronchitis! I had to give her a treatment at the Dr.'s office with a breathing vapor machine, it helped her stop wheezing. She cried her eyes out, and it was me... the great and powerful Mom, who had to hold her while she was miserable and didn't understand why I was forcing her to sit on my lap with this plastic mask over her face to breath this smokey vapor stuff. At one moment she even looked up at me with these doe eyes, these hurt little eyes that were asking, "Why Mommy? Why are you doing this to me?" Poor little thing.

Its moment like those that I wish I had my husband there to comfort me through the whole ordeal. But somehow, as a Mother, I was able to hold her calmly and tune out the loud cries of misery and have the peace of mind that I was doing what was best for her. That God given, innate, Mommy strength stuff is really something, isn't it? Thank goodness. Hard to imagine, before I was a Mom, that one day I would do things such as catch my child's vomit in my hands unflinchingly and tell her in a calm voice, "that's fine sweetheart, you are going to be okay," then rush her to the bath tub to get all cleaned up. When before the very idea of someone throwing up would make me want to vomit myself! And believe you me, my husband would just yell "GROSS!" and hand her to me as he cursed his way to the bathroom to clean himself off. Here's to Moms everywhere... we ARE super-women!

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