Monday, February 23, 2009


As I had mentioned in an earlier post, I am planning on getting pregnant again sometime this year... but not NOW. I have been waiting for my period to come along for a few days now, its been pretty regular for the past 5 months, and I started to wonder... "when did my husband and I last have sex? Did he wear a condom? Was I possibly OVULATING???!!! Oh no!" So instead of wait another worried, sleepless night about the possibility I took a pregnancy test, it was negative... "Phew!!!"

Its not that being pregnant would be horrible timing right now, just not that ideal. #1 Reason is because the family member I mentioned earlier, that has been trying to get pregnant for a few years now, has just gone to the next step of getting an IUI (inter-uterine insemination). And now she is waiting to see if it took. I would really like for this to work for her and not steal her thunder if she was to announce that she is pregnant finally. I don't want to be like, "Yeah, me too. For a few weeks now." And then have my baby before her baby and all that jazz. That would royally suck. I am planning on actually TRYING to get pregnant in a few months. If she isn't pregnant at that point I'm not going to stress about it, I really don't want to wait any longer than that for my second baby. #2 Reason its bad timing is that I am trying to lose weight, and I just started making some more headway the past couple weeks... actually I am about where I was when I last got pregnant. I want to lose around 10-15 more before I get pregnant, that would be lovely. I want to at least have the chance to try to lose those extra pounds before we start actually trying again. If I don't lose 10 lbs by then I won't care as much and just start to try for that baby. #3 Reason is the baby's due date would have been Halloween, according to when I thought I might have been knocked up. And my first child was born 10 days before Halloween, leading to reason #4, their birthdays would be too close. I really would like to give my kids the chance to celebrate their birthdays without the shadow of another siblings birthday looming over them, or a major holiday getting in the way... if I can help it, that would be ideal. There are some other minor reasons to not want to be pregnant right now, but those are the major ones.

Now its just waiting for this sneaky, late, stressin' me out period to start. If it doesn't... then I guess I will be trying another pregnancy test, there are two in a box... conveniently enough. I guess I should be more careful until I am REALLY ready. That'll teach me to be careless. And for now I can at least get a good nights sleep. (I suppose I know better now what that family member has been going through with the waiting, and the unknown, and the stressing... and she's had to do this for YEARS now, poor thing. I bet she hasn't had a good nights sleep in a looooonng time.)


Rambling Pilot's wife said...

My period did start... the very next day after i took the pregnancy test. Hee hee... silly me.

Tha family member also started hers recently, so I am feeling very fustrated for her and I hope that their next try is sucessfull, and I am praying for her and her husband.

Partner of a Pilot said...

I've had that before!

What a sweet person you are that consideration number 1 was your top priority!