Monday, March 9, 2009

The Countdown

At some point, after my husband's been gone for a few weeks, we both start doing a countdown of days left. He'll send me an instant message on my Blackberry, "9 days!" and I will send a smiley face back. I am glad he wants to come back home so bad that he is counting the days, and then I start to get excited and start the countdown myself. I don't like to think about how long he has been gone, but its fun to start seeing the numbers get smaller and smaller as he sends me messages towards the end.

Its been a rough month while he was gone this time. I was sick, the baby got Bronchitis, my in-laws were both sick, and I almost about lost my mind after two weeks held up in the house with cold weather outside and not allowing any friends to come over in fear of them getting sick. Now that we are all feeling better hubby's home coming is only a week away! YAYYYYYY!!!! I am going to be soooo happy to see him again. I am glad we will be healthy when he gets home, but I really hope the next time both I, the in-laws, and the baby are sick he will be around to help out. She never loses her energy when she is sick, but I am just a pile of jell-o when I'm sick... laying on the floor while she plays around me or on me. Its not fun. If the in-laws aren't sick they can take her away when she is up and let me take a nap to recover. But when they are also sick then its all up to me to take care of the munchkin, whether I have the energy or not.

These past few days I have been taking her all over the place out of the house, and now when we are home alone I crave going outside... like a junky looking for my next fix. I try to think of ANYTHING to get out of the house, an errand or a friend to visit, or I try to tag along with someone else while they go about their business. Strange how sometimes all I want to do is stay home and the very idea of taking the baby out somewhere seems like such a feat of strength, and other times its like no biggie, I can go anywhere and do anything with her! I guess its because I was at home alone for so long that any trip outside our home feels GREAT! Anyway... this blog is good for those times I am anxious about sitting around at home, I have something to do, other blogs to visit and I can just chill.

Here's to the pilot husband's return... "cheers!" and the wonderful countdown every morning brings... 10, 9, 8, 7, 6... woo hoo!

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