Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Who knew?

Who knew excercising actually DOES make you feel better! And all this time I thought it was probably true, but never actually tried excercising when I was feeling down. But after going to the gym with a girlfriend of mine I felt extremely and downright happy! Cool! So, I guess I have a reason to keep going on a regular basis.

It helps to have a friend that is commited to working out like I am, as well. If she wasn't depending on me to meet her there at the gym then I could have easily come up with an excuse not to go at all the past few times. And we are also keeping an eye on each other's eating habits too, for accountability. Sounds scary, but it helps to know someone can see what you are eating at any time (we use an on-line calorie counting site).

Since the husband was gone this month and my family support down the street (the in-laws) were gone too, for about three weeks, I was feeling a bit more depressed than I was comfortable with. I am so glad that just working out for 30 minutes actually energized me and made me happy again! I didn't like the idea of seeking out professional help to get me to sleep at night and relieve my depression. I would rather not take medication if I can help it at all. (Not that it is bad to have to take medication, totally believe that some of my own family members are better off with it than without it. I just didn't want to go that route if there was an alternative.) Of course JD is happy about it too, he was getting concerned as well.

That is all I have to report for now...

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Anonymous said...

Working out ALWAYS makes me feel great too!