Sunday, October 12, 2008

Loneliness and Friends

I am thankful that I have friends in those times where I am home alone with my baby and I feel twinges of loneliness or have a case of the blues.

I was at home in bed, it was only six o' clock, and I knew I would need to get myself dinner at some point and get the baby once she woke up from her nap. So I started texting a friend of mine:

"I'm bored and lonely"
"I don't want to cook anything for myself"
"Perhaps I will just go to MacDonald's or something once the baby wakes up."
five minutes later...
"I am having tuna and crackers for dinner... no cooking required :-)"

Then my friend calls me after this series of messages and invites me to dinner with herself and her friend. I got the baby and went and we had a great time. The following day we went to dinner as well and then she and her friend and her friend's husband came over to my house to play some games after the baby went to bed for the night. I am thankful for a good friend like her who comes to my rescue at a moment's notice.

The next night I again was feeling down, so I called another friend of mine and he came over right away and watched TV with me and talked with me about whatever was on my mind. He is someone I am also thankful for, that when I was down he just dropped everything and came over to cheer me up. Plus, he is gay... so my husband doesn't have to worry about me being in the house alone with him ;-) But besides that fact, he is just an all around wonderful friend, and I appreciate him a lot.

I am glad I have such great friends in my life, to come rally around me when my husband is gone flying somewhere and I miss him so much. I am blessed.

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