Wednesday, October 8, 2008

White legs

Well today has been interesting, and its not over yet, its only 1:30pm. My day started when I was woken up at 4am this morning by KD with only getting 2 hours of sleep at that point, I have trouble falling asleep before 2am... an insomnia problem that I have had for a while. Then after we both fell back asleep I was woken up again at 9:30am from a deep sleep by her crying... time to get up. I should have felt at least somewhat rested at that point, but I felt like I hadn't slept at all and could have stayed in bed all day... and perhaps I should have. But I had a lot to do today (still have more to do).

So... after I instant messaged my hubby in a far away country, I fed KD and got ready myself, then proceeded to pack the baby in the car and drive off down my neighborhood street. Half way down the street I realized I forgot my phone, and I decided I better get it just in case something happened while I was out and about and needed to call for help or a tow or some other horrible scenario. I pulled into the driveway over more to the right side than I usually do, and thought to myself, "You need to remember you are over more and to be careful when you back out of the driveway." But after I got my phone, locked the house back up, hopped back into the car and put it in reverse I just backed up with out a glance in my right side mirror. Needless to say, that wasn't a good idea. I ended up running into the corner of our white picket fence. I heard a big "CHRUNCH" and stopped... pulled forward a little... got out of the car to assess the damage, and then saw the right rear tail light lens broken up and all over the ground. Well... at least the bumper and the rest of the car wasn't damaged. "Phew!" But what a dumb thing that was to do. Luckily, I was actually on the way to the car dealership to pick up at part for the car anyways and have it installed. When I got to the dealer they had the tail lens in stock and were able to replace it right away. Now all I have to worry about is the broken fence post.

I instant messaged JD to let him know that I had just cost us some unnecessary expense. He wasn't mad, but I felt like an air headed buffoon at this point. Then the day just kept getting better and better (insert sarcastic tone). I hadn't eaten lunch yet and decided to go across the street from the car dealer to Quiznos (a sandwich place). As I was I.M.-ing JD about the car and waiting for the cross walk to tell me to "walk" I realized I had the key to the car in my pocket. So I walked back over to the dealership and put the key back in the car, went back over to the cross walk and proceeded to Quiznos. When I got to the door of Quiznos it said they were closed and the place was empty inside... like they had moved out completely! I was so jittery and hungry at this point that I was starting to feel like the day just wasn't meant to go my way.

I then spotted a Togo's kitty corner from where I was (another sandwich place) so I proceeded to cross the street to go there. As I was crossing the street... again... a guy in a truck leaned out his window and said, "Get a tan, why don't you!" (or something to that effect) and I just smirked at him and shook my head and under my breath said, "whatever... jerk." I know, not very nice on my part either... but I was already having a bad day and this guy was being an idiot (so forgive me). And I was pushing my baby in a stroller across the street... like who cares if I have white legs? Who makes a comment like that to a mother pushing her baby in a cross walk? Just save your breath or keep it to yourself. I mean really, was that necessary?

You see, I live in Southern California... so apparently its a crime against humanity to have white legs here. Its so ridiculous. I call it white prejudism.. or reverse prejudice. I am sick of my easily tanned and Hispanic friends looking at my legs and saying, "why are your legs so white?", and strangers thinking that I am a freak for daring to even think of wearing shorts with white legs. I mean... God forbid I do such a horrendous thing! Its just a fact of life, my legs have never tanned. They hardly even pick up a sunburn. I'm WHITE people... get a clue! I don't have any dark skinned genes in my family (wish I did, it would be nice to look tan all year round). And skin cancer runs in my family, so I am not about to attempt to lay in the sun for hours and get a tan anyways. And, yes, I have tried the spray on tan stuff, but it wears off in a few days and I am not trying to impress anybody. I just stay at home with the baby all day, I am sure she could care less what color her Mommy's legs are. And my husband doesn't care... he is just as white as I am, plus he hates the smell of that spray tan stuff when I use it. And he thinks I am beautiful the way I am. I have accepted the fact that I will never be a brown goddess, tanned, ideal California girl. And I can give my naturally tan friends a hard time and joke about their being "prejudice" (ha ha)... but when a stranger yells it out a window at me... that is just mean. Okay... I am over it now. Thanks for letting me vent.

But that's not all! When I got to Togo's I dropped my cup twice, the baby started getting restless and crying... so I scarfed down the second half of my sandwich and left as soon as I could. And did I mention, it was so bloomin' hot outside! I had pit marks from my sweat (not a pretty picture) and I am sure my face was beet red (as it always gets when I am hot). When I got back to the dealership waiting room KD decided to throw a mini tantrum when I didn't let her walk into an area I didn't think she should go. And then later when I got my car I dropped my keys on the ground, I mean total butter fingers all day. I was happy to run home and just not do anything... accept write this blog while KD takes a nap. Maybe I need a nap too, so I can wake up again and start over. After all... I do have to head out again for more errands today, and I don't want to get into any more accidents. My experience at the dealership wasn't exactly something I wish to repeat either. Oh well, that is just how life is sometimes. I guess I just should laugh at it all and take a deep breath. But writing about it and complaining just a tad helps too ;-)

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