Sunday, September 20, 2009

Here we go again

The hubs got sent home early because they are upgrading him to a larger plane and his training starts a couple days before the end of his regular rotation. It was nice of them to send him home for a break because once he goes to training he will be there for 25 days and then they send him back to work to get 25 hours of flight hours with a training captain. So, he would've been gone for a long time if he wasn't sent home first. Its going to be long enough as it is!

Just so happens that the two weeks home happens to land us in that window of opportunity to get me pregnant. I am suppose to be ovulating and he has been home for a few days already. So, here we go again... I am all happy and sad and all over the map. I don't want to get up my hopes too high only to be disappointed again when my period comes, but I want to stay positive and not get depressed or stressed out over it. Like I said before, knowing when you ovulate is more of a curse than a blessing. There is so much pressure to try to make a baby when that time arrives. At least we have been able to keep the romance in the equation, I'm glad its not turning into some sort of business transaction... hahahah

I just hate that wait for the period to start. Its just torture!!!!