Friday, May 8, 2009

My Aunt and babies

My Aunt has been moved out of ICU into a regular hospital room, so that is good news. Her recovery time is projected to be 6-9 months. I do not know how long she will be kept in the halo-brace. Her jaw will be wired shut for 3 months. I really feel for her and this long journey ahead of her. I can only hope she will be moved into her home eventually and won't be in the hospital when Christmas comes around. At this point 9 months hits in January 2010! I can't even imagine her being in her condition that long! My goodness!

Thinking about 9 months makes me think about having a baby and my family member who has been trying her 3rd IUI to get pregnant. This week we found out that 3rd try also failed. It breaks my heart that she is going through this rough time. I also didn't want to try for my second until she was pregnant with her first. But the time is coming soon when JD and I will be trying for baby #2. I am trying to lose more weight, so that is still keeping me from starting to try. As soon as I lose at least ten more pounds I will feel ready. I am trying to make that happen by then end of June, and the end of July the latest. I really want to start trying in June, but July may have to be the month. Of course with the pilot hubby's schedule when I am ready may not be when he is home. So, from this point on... whenever he is home we will be having the "should we try this time?" discussion. Because there are times he is home and I am not ovulating. And then there are times he is home and I am in the middle of an ovulation time period. This may be TMI... but that's the way it is when you have a pilot for a husband, and he is gone for 35 days at a time. It's my reality.

It's funny, JD's mom doesn't quite get this... that I am not always "capable" of getting pregnant when he is home. I was explaining to her that sometimes I am ovulating right before he gets home, so by the time he is home our chance is not there. And by the time I am ready again he is leaving, and the chances are not that good. When a woman ovulates is dependent on the frequency of her periods, which are not always a 28 day cycle, I explained to her. I really only have maybe three more chances this entire year to get pregnant, if I look at the times he is home and I am possibly "ripe." I can't be too picky at this point which month the next kid will be born in. I was telling her a few months back that we may try when the due date was February, and she said that isn't a good month because Valentine's Day is that month. And I was like... "Screw that! I don't care... I have to take what I can get if I want to have another kid before another year passes us by!" Of course, then JD and I decided not to try that month anyway. But still, that just irks me. "No. Not February!" OMG really lady, just butt out. Those were my thoughts. She means well, but she gots her head up her you know what sometimes. Of course, I was sharing with her our plans, so I have to expect some feedback.

I hope some miracle happens and my family member gets preggers SOON! That would be such a blessing. I really don't want to look into her eyes one day and say, "I'm pregnant." Knowing that she has been trying for so long with no success. I really would rather hear her say those words to me, like tomorrow would be good. Hee hee. Oh well, what God wills to happen will happen.

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