Monday, May 25, 2009

More stress! Aghhhh...

My Aunt is back in the ICU. She stopped breathing last week a few days after they took out her trachea breathing tube. They don't know why. But she is holding steady now. I am thankful she is still alive. My Uncle said that she told him she heard her Mom calling to her when she stopped breathing... my Nana is dead. That sent shivers down my spine! And it made me cry. She must have almost died! I'm not sure what happens in those moments between life and death, but I am sure my Nana would be waiting at the threshold of Heaven's door for her beloved daughter. They had a very special connection. My Aunt took care of her during the final years in her own home, before Parkinsons took her life.

Today my 19 month old daughter fell four feet onto her head! We took her to the ER and had a CT scan done, she is fine. She has only the injury on the top of her head, a red rash-like scrape, and nothing else! Amazing! It makes me wonder if I can handle a second child though. I mean, how do you keep your eyes on two children running around when you can't even do that for one? (For details on the incident you can visit my other blog... link to the right. Title is "Unheeded Warning Signs") I had a feeling about something and I didn't follow it. I know now to always listen to those little yellow caution flags waiving in my brain. They seem silly sometimes, but its better to be safe than sorry. To top it off today is also my 7 year anniversary... Happy Anniversary! ha ha.... not quite what I had imagined to celebrate the day. But we are planning on going out tomorrow.

My husband's work has fired a bunch of captains, and now today he heard he is getting a pay cut. That isn't good news. He has been hoping to get a promotion and make MORE... not get less. Since we are thinking of having baby #2 soon we really want to see him get a raise soon. I still hope he makes captain soon. But he is nervous now, they have been really hard on the captains lately and he doesn't want the scrutiny or the pressure. But I think he will be fine. Everyone says he is captain material, and he is a very good pilot. So we will see where things go with that. In the mean time I am still trying to lose 20 lbs before we start trying. The time it takes me to lose the weight buys him some time with work also, hopefully things will iron out in that area before I get pregnant. He will be stressed if I get pregnant and things are not going well with his job. And as we wait to start adding to our family, hopefully KD won't be getting hurt either and causing me to second guess my parenting abilities.

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Anonymous said...

Awwwww honey, it sounds like you're really going through it :(

Wish I could give you a big hug.

Sorry I've been a little bit distant recently, but I'm battling with a lot of crappy stuff too. I'm glad your Aunt is okay now, and I'm really pleased that your little girl was not injured too badly.

These things happen. My mum had to take me to A&E twice unconcious from head injuries in my early teens. Once where I fell off my bike (I was stupidly riding no handed)... I still have no recollection of that day.

The second time, the loft hatch unhooked itself as I haappened to be walking underneath. It swung open and knocked me out cold! HAHA!

They reaaaally grilled me about how it happened, re-asking again and again if I was sure it happened that way-mum's convinced that the doctors thought I was an abused child! She felt awful, but like you say, you can't be their shaddow, knocks and scrapes happen.