Sunday, March 20, 2011

Much Needed Update

So... its been a long time since I wrote anything. So sorry about that. Sometimes Blogging is the last thing I even want to do these days. But I do need to add some news to update everyone.

First, very good news on my SIL! She and her husband did adopt a baby finally. The paperwork is final and she is all theirs! Such a little cutie, a head full of dark spiky hair, beautiful big eyes, and just the sweetest little baby girl one could ask for. They are truly blessed. I am so glad their prayers were finally answered and their search and heartache is finally over.

Second, my husband wasn't able to give notice yet during his last rotation. But we are hopeful that this next one will indeed be his last. It is interesting though... his last rotation in February got cut down to 10 days, instead of the usual 35 days. The reason is that he went ahead and got "the snip" and them a complication arose and his Doctor said it would be better to wait another week before returning to work just to make sure everything was okay. My husband was feeling a strange pulling sensation and got some bruising in his groin and the Doctor thought perhaps it was just an infection, but if it was something worse neither one of them wanted him in the Middle East dealing with it. His man parts were not going to be trusted with a Middle Eastern Doctor if he could help it. He called in and told them, and his boss wasn't too thrilled. There were two other pilots that were off line due to illness or surgery. But it was so so so fortunate JD stayed home because the protests in Cairo started a couple days after he called in sick to work!! JD stays in Cairo about 98% of the time when he is at work. I am so thankful to God that He worked out this for our benefit and safety.

Even after that week was up and JD was ready to go back to work they told him to stay home. There were issues with the planes he flies in his fleet, so there was no reason for him to go over and just sit in a hotel until they were ready to be flown again. That is why in the end he only was over there for the last 10 days of his rotation. And the only reason that even happened was that his work Visa had to be renewed and there was an English proficiency test he had to take (which is a joke, since he is American and is definitely fluent in English).

Third, my brother with the cancer... well, his tumors re-grew. But he got on another clinical trial and the pill for that one is at least keeping them from growing any bigger. The reason he started that trial is to qualify for the next pill coming out on the next trial. Once the next pill is ready he is going to take that one and its suppose to shrink the new mutated cells in the tumors. Basically, the cancer cells changed and the first pill that was working no longer works. So, that is good and bad news. He can't even sit up for long periods of time and he is in a lot of pain. But I am hopeful for him that the next pill will work for him and he will find some relief again. Prayers for him are coveted and I thank you if you would keep him in yours. His name is Paul.

I personally needed to go see someone about my mood swings and irritability, agitation, etc. I was concerned I have Post Partum Depression, so I saw a counselor at the hospital where I had baby AD. She said I do have some symptoms of PPD but the other symptoms that were really bothering me sounded to her like Bi-polar. My Mom was bi-polar and her brother is, and my middle brother is... so I guess its a good guess for me. I was also treated for hypo-mania (a mild form of bi-polar) before I had KD, but have been off medication for 3+ years. I got off of it to get pregnant and then my symptoms hadn't reared their ugly head until after I had AD. I also saw a regular medical doctor to rule out any problems with my thyroid or vitamin deficiencies. Although he did find I was low on vitamin D he said I probably needed to go on Lithium as well. So, I gave in and went to see my psychologist that I saw when I was treated before. She ended up putting me on a low dose of Lithium and I have been on that for just a few days. Its a low enough dose that I can still nurse, so that is good. She will check in with me in 3 weeks to see how I feel and if I need more or need to add an anti-depressant or whatever. I guess we shall see soon if this helps me. I think mainly the stress of my husband being gone for five weeks, being stuck at home alone when the kids are sick (which was most of February and is still going on now) and all the other stuff that goes along with being a pilot wife/ single mother of two is what has caused my symptoms to worsen with the bi-polar. My psychologist said that can happen. Life can cause symptoms to reappear and sometimes we just need an adjustment to get all the chemicals back in line. So, that's what I am doing.

I am ready for the kids to be done with being sick. But I am so happy JD is home to help out still. He has been delayed to work for 10 days, due to the plane needing maintenance. And that is good. A rain storm is on its way, and I don't want to be stuck in the house with sick kids and no help again. Hopefully I won't catch the strep throat that KD caught this time. And since AD is still on antibiotics from his last cold hopefully he won't catch it either. I am basically sick of being sick.

Well... that was quite an update. But hopefully I will do better with keeping this blog updated on how things progress. I do have more things to talk about, but this is all I can do for now. Time for lunch!! lol

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